Here’s the low down.

Buy R100 airtime and earn 100 UpCell Sigmas
Use your Sigmas to buy another R100 airtime - so R200 airtime for R100
Pay once and win twice. Spend less to talk more
Port your number or get one of ours. Cancel anytime

What do you spend on your airtime and data every month? R200? R500?


TopUp. SaveUp. Effortlessly convert airtime to data With UpCell Mobile

Receive double airtime on every Top-Up, for life.

  • For example buy R200 airtime and earn 200 Sigmas, use your UpCell Sigmas to buy another R200 airtime.  You get R400 airtime for only R200
  • Buy R50 airtime and you can get R100 airtime
  • Or buy any other amount you choose and get it all back in UpCell Sigmas.


Our standard rates are R1,79 per minute on a per-second billing basis.  Use your UpCell Reward points to buy another R100 worth of airtime which brings the cost down to 89.5c per minute.


By utilizing your Sigmas, the data rates are.

  • R15 buys you 100MB, (15c/MB)
  • R45 buys you 300MB, (15c/MB)
  • R52.50 buys you 500MB, 10.5c/MB)
  • R89.50 buys you 1GB and (8.95c/MB)
  • R175 buys you 2GB ( 8.75c/MB)


You will need to buy airtime online, in our Shop, then convert your airtime into data by dialling  *140#. Compare our data rates to other prepaid options.  And remember you can always get more data using your Sigmas.

UpCell Mobile is South Africa’s Freshest Cellular Service Provider, we are an MVNO (mobile virtual network operator) utilising the mobile network infrastructure provided by MTN, this gives us more than 95% coverage across the country. We offer our own unique products and services, including billing and fulfilment. We do everything a mobile operator does, except running a network. We offer SIM cards, airtime and data, port numbers, all of this coupled with a market leading rewards program.

As an UpCell Sigma Rewards member, you get the best offers every time you use either our services or those at one of our participating retailers. Whether you are recharging with airtime, booking a ride or buying a pizza you will always get 100% of what you spend back in UpCell Sigmas so that you can spend them all over again!

Join UpCell Sigma Rewards to get great benefits and instant rewards, whenever you use your UpCell Mobile account.

UpCell Sigmas means getting every last Rand that you spend back in value, unlike any other reward scheme that needs thousands of points to have a meaningful impact.

You can use your UpCell Mobile account to earn Σ (UpCell Sigmas) at participating retail destinations across the country.

REMEMBER: For every Rand you spend you get 1 Σ (UpCell Sigma) back. Please note that there is a R45 monthly subscription in order to activate your Rewards – you will not earn UpCell Sigmas on this R45 but you do earn on every purchase.

Get an UpCell SIM card and get rewarded for every Rand that you spend.

To join costs just R45 per month.

UpCell Mobile will courier your card to you for a once-off cost of R65 (pick up) or R80 (delivered). This amount will be added to your order in the online shopping cart.

∑ = (UpCell Sigma Rewards Points)

For just R45pm you receive great benefits:

∑ will increase your monthly disposal income

∑ allows YOU earn Sigma points when you spend on airtime, fast foods, groceries and more.

Instantly on:

• Airtime purchases

• Debonairs Pizza orders

• Pre-Paid Electricity and more

For every Rand that you spend on airtime, Debonairs Pizza etc. you immediately get the equivalent back in ∑ UpCell Sigma points.

Buy airtime online via your UpCell Mobile account for R200.

You will now have ∑ 200 (UpCell Sigmas) in your UpCell Mobile account to spend again.

Go home, order a Debonairs Pizza and buy 1Gb of Data and R21 airtime for ∑ 199 that you have earned.

The options are endless! Go and explore yourself!

Please note that you can only earn UpCell Sigma ∑ Rewards when you spend money. You don’t receive UpCell Sigmas ∑ when paying with UpCell Mobile ∑.

You can also not buy UpCell Sigma ∑ Rewards. The real value of UpCell Sigma ∑ is to spend them.

Look out for the ∑ sign at participating retailers.

Join UpCell Mobile NOW and start earning immediately. This is the most fun that you can have with your money!

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Join the Club for FREE, your trial Club Membership gives you full access to UpCell Sigma Rewards for 30 days!
The UpCell Sigma Rewards program is just R45 per month and we will only bill you in the second month.


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